It is important that you know your rights. Police rely on people not knowing their rights and use that mistaken belief to gather evidence that they would not otherwise be able to access.

When you are being investigated and/or contacted by the police you always have the right to remain silent and speak with an attorney. Too few people assert that right and say things that are damaging to their case. At a minimum, you should always ask to speak with an attorney before making a statement to police. People often believe they must answer questions or face a consequence. This belief can lead to disastrous results and an attorney from Jarvis Bridge Halttunen & Weyer, LLC is located in Oregon, providing representation for Civil Litigation, Business Law, Family Law, and Criminal Defense. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. can help you prevent the damage. We often get involved in cases before police make an arrest and can prevent detrimental information from being created in the first place.

You also have a right to require a warrant before police search your house, car, person or anything in which you have a privacy interest unless an exception to the warrant requirement applies. Police often make mistakes in this area of the law. By insisting on your right to a warranted search you can preserve your ability to challenge an unwarranted search. An attorney can help you assert this right and be the buffer between you and the police.

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